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Roof Coatings


Roof Coatings Chicago

Roof coating is intended to extend the life of your existing roof without replacing it. We offer a valuable service by applying protective coatings to your roof, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for an extended period. With a full material and labor warranty and the help of an educated group of roofing craftsmen, Pro Services Group can ensure your business is covered in rain, snow and sun, all year long.


We begin by inspecting your roof's current condition, identifying any existing damage or vulnerabilities. After a thorough assessment, they select the most suitable coating material and application method for your specific roofing type. In addition to applying roof coatings, we also provide maintenance services, including inspections and spot repairs. 

Roof Coating Companies

We offer commercial roof coating services in Chicago, Schaumburg, Evanston, Mt Prospect, Northbrook and the surrounding area

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We provide valuable services in assessing a building's roofing needs, ensuring it meets local building codes, and designing a solution that offers durability and energy efficiency.

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